Mexico Has an Olympic Ski Team and Their Outfits are Awesome

Mexico has sent two Alpine skiers to the Winter Games in PyeongChang and their getups, a tribute to the’ Day of the Dead’, are pretty sweet. They were designed by Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe, 59, who designed them and has represented Mexico in six Winter Games.

Prince you say? That’s right. According to the Washington Post, his family reigned over a principality in what is today the northeast of Baden-WA1/ 4rttemberg in Germany until the early 19 th century.

Although he invests most of his time in Europe, he is eligible to compete for Mexico because he was born there. At the time “his fathers”, Prince Alfonso, was operating a Volkswagen plant in Mexico and he spent the first four years of their own lives there.

Check out some of Hubertus’ getups from previous Winter Olympics below.

[ h/ t and_peggy1 776 on reddit]

Mariachi outfit in Sochi 2014

Cowboy suit in Vancouver 2010

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