Mom’s Anti-Vaccine Post Proves That Anti-Vaxxers Are Totally Off Their Rockers

Perhaps the most baffling movement of our time is the anti-vaxx movement.

People who have absolutely no knowledge of science are always ready to pop off on social media about how it’s their right to select whether their children get vaccinated and stimulate erroneous, 100% unfounded claims that vaccines induce autism.* sigh*

But here’s the thing. Your “right to choose” opens other people’s children up to deadly illness because vaccination is sort of predicated on this thing called “herd immunity, ” which signifies all kids have to be vaccinated for vaccines to genuinely do their job. What about another child’s right to go to school and not got mumps because your child isn’t vaccinated? That seems pretty important. And before you go to comment about that infamous “study” that the MMR vaccine induces autism, please do us all a favor and click here to learn about why that is totally bogus junk science.

One off-her-rocker mother who ought to do some actual research into vaccines that’s not put forth by, I don’t know, Jenny McCarthy, is this one, who took to the internet to lament her 19 -year-old adult human being daughter’s selection to get vaccinated. When Mom found out, she took to Facebook to lament with her other deranged pals. Watching them talk to each other in an echo enclosure that’s impervious to reason is truly wild. Check this out.

It merely further devolves into madness from there.